Benefits of Collagen and Its Purpose

Collagen, the most abundant protein source in our bodies, is the major component of connective tissues that helps give structure to our hair, nails, skin, bones, ligaments, and tendons. However, we have recently seen collagen become more prominent amongst store shelves rather than playing its role in the beauty sector. Cosmetic surgery procedures and makeup products have been the primary components for collagen, but not anymore.

Research has uncovered an abundance of qualifying reports that not only does collagen enhance our skin and rebuild connective tissue within our joints, but it strengthens our tendons and bones promotes fat loss and greatly aids with digestion and stomach issues.

Collagen Benefits

Making up 75% – 80% of our skin tissue, Collagen is the major component of the dermis. It makes complete sense that one of the largest benefits to consuming collagen proteins as supplements is our skin. Research has shown that collagen protein supplements reducing wrinkles and dryness ultimately slowing down the aging process. Consuming collagen protein supplements also stimulates our bodies natural process of producing collagen.

Not only does Collagen relieve joint pain by maintaining and building the integrity of the cartilage in your body, but research has also found that raising our intake of collagen can help reduce inflammation and joint pain.

Collagen combined with calcium has shown to increase bone density reversing natural aging processes that diminish bone density and allow for weaker more brittle bones.

Possible Side Effects

As with any supplement on the market, it’s extremely important to read labels and take note of any possible issues or negative effects that may come with taking it. Always discuss new regimens with your doctor especially if you are pregnant, on medications or have any health issues. However, when it comes to collagen protein, the general correspondence is that these supplements are generally safe and come with few known effects.

Best Sources of Collagen

Protein supplements can be a great option to increase our intake of collagen. Be sure to always purchase from a reputable manufacturer, using companies that are certified by the industry’s leading qualified organizations. You will be confident in knowing that the product being produced is done so under strict protocols and standards, ultimately protecting your brand.

Collagen protein supplements come in an array of products, from powders to capsules and tablets allowing you to have the ability to work collagen into your lifestyle as needed. As protein shakes or coffee creamer or simply as a capsule or tablet.

The Bottom Line on Collagen

Again can take a toll on all of us, but with technology and the ability to create new products to enhance our well-being, the pace we deteriorate at can be slowed simply by adding in a shake or capsule a day. Help enhance the protein your body naturally makes and feel great  with all of the added benefits from collagen.