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How to Manage the Stress of Running a Business While Traveling

Business trips have become standard operating procedure for most executives in today’s economy — myself included. Although it may seem difficult to manage a team from 36,000 feet in the air, with the right mindset and preparation it will be like you never left the office. But before you can start managing your team from a 777, it’s important to manage the stress that comes along with business travel.

Executive Spotlight: Sean Marszalek, President and CEO, SDC Nutrition, Inc.

Sean Marszalek is no stranger to entrepreneurship. After owning and operating a personal fitness studio, he then co-founded SDC Nutrition, Inc. in 2009 in his hometown of Pittsburgh, where he currently serves as President and CEO. Under his leadership, Sean has grown SDC at a CAGR of 200 percent since inception. Its flagship brand, About Time, is one of the fastest growing all-natural nutrition brands in the U.S. and can be found in over 2,000 retail locations, including GNC, in North America, South America, and Europe.

What Happens When You Put Aside Your Ego And Take Your Mentors’ Advice

As an eager entrepreneur it may be hard to heed someone else’s advice. But being fearless means listening to people who are smarter than you.

Break Down Barriers By Turning Your Business Relationships Into Personal Connections

Relationships are vital in every aspect of your business. Whether it’s with your employees or with clients, communication is key to maintain a long-lasting affiliation. A good business relationship can become a great business relationship simply by creating a personal connection.

Transparency: Why it Matters in the Supplement Industry

The days where consumers just walked into a supplement store and picked up the most eye-catching label from the shelf are long gone. Back-in-the-day, it was common to matter-of-factly pick up a dietary supplement off the shelf and buy it without reading the ingredient list simply. They may have purchased this product because it looked “cool” or the flavor sounded delicious. Meanwhile, consumers had no idea what they were actually ingesting in their bodies and companies really didn’t care. Today, consumers want to know what they are getting in their product. They want to know what they are putting in their body and if it is going to be nutritional and clean.

Most supplement companies today are shifting the focus from products that are just aesthetically pleasing and an easy way to make profit. They making the shift to a simple concept: Transparency. While the label design and taste of the product is still important, being transparent with the customer is taking priority for many supplement companies.

Arnold Sports Festival Takeover Weekend 2019

It’s officially Expo Season for the entire team at SDC Nutrition, Inc! We just spent three amazing days in Columbus Ohio for the #ArnoldSportsFestival and we decided to bring the film crew to document the entire trip!

HICT vs. HIIT: How are they different?

Exercise and diet are vital components to maintaining vibrant health. In an effort to get the best results in the shortest amount of time High-intensity interval training (HIIT) and the High-intensity circuit training (HICT) have been developed to achieve fast results in less time.

Benefits of Collagen and Its Purpose

Research has uncovered an abundance of qualifying reports that not only does collagen enhance our skin and rebuild connective tissue within our joints, but it strengthens our tendons and bones promotes fat loss and greatly aids with digestion and stomach issues.

Staff Appreciation Day 2019

After an amazing Q1 and Q2 the management team put together a full-day event with our staff here on site with food catered by Mission BBQ and tons of events for everyone!

Advantages of coffee linked to health are better than you may know

MOST people recognize coffee as an awful habit, but truthfully, coffee doesn’t always get the appreciation it deserves. Coffee can be considered a super food; it's associated to many encouraging health benefits, such as decreasing factors that may lead to cancer or cancerous types of illness, protecting our internal highway - our arteries, boosting brain health and insight, and improving athletic performance. Even though coffee was once considered a health hazard, in 2016 the World Health Organization removed coffee from its list of dangerous (carcinogenic) foods and at the same time, labeled coffee as a safeguard against liver and uterine sicknesses.

Late Night Eating – Does This Cause Weight Gain?

At what time you eat is not nearly as important as how many calories you consume or the types of foods you choose to fuel your body with. Our bodies do not store more fat at nighttime, nor at any specific part or time of the day. Our metabolisms do not decrease in the evening hours. Weight gain along with weight loss is directly affected by what we eat, how much we eat and how many calories we burn.

Is the tastiest diet snack really protein pudding?

Not all sweet treats are bad for our health and diets. Protein powder puddings are a great illustration of how to use a handful of simple but healthy materials and toss them together to create a delicious tasting dessert. Plus, these confections fir into anyone’s macronutrient plan.

Protein Sources – Which are best for you?

Consuming enough protein is a necessity to maintain a strong immune system, bone density, elastic and lubricated tendons, plus, protein is the backbone in helping you not only to build muscle, but in weight loss, and to improve aging. Basically, anyone and everyone can reap benefits from eating more protein. To assist your body in staying healthy, make sure you eat high quality proteins, this means eating foods that have all the essential amino acids your body needs to stay strong. These foods primarily come from animal-based food sources, or a handful of plant-based proteins such as pea protein.

You might be missing Creatine in your diet

Creatine is one of the most unharming, analyzed, and potent nutrition elements. It’s composed naturally in our body, can be in our food, and benefits both men and women with diverse wellbeing goals and objectives. Creatine assists with everything from defending the health of our brains, bettering exercise performance and enhancing our bone structure.

Four ways to ditch calorie counting and love your diet

It might seem hopeless, but there is an easier way for you to adhere to your meal plan and achieve your goals. Rather than sweating over your daily caloric intake or dropping carbohydrates or fats, it's best to incorporate a routine-based discourse to food consumption. When you target food quality, have minimal restrictions, and give yourself flexibility in your meal plan, you're more likely to have greater success for longer bouts of time, and that's setting yourself up to accomplish your goals.

Devenee Schumacher, Women In Business, Girl Boss.

Empower and Build Like a Woman

Gender equality and female empowerment are not only beneficial to adult women but are essential to sustainable development in our children. Opportunities to teach and invest in women not only helps build their confidence but embraces our culture to respect everyone’s talents and opinions.

Counting Macros; Macronutrients; Supplement Industry

Counting Macros Affect on the Supplement Industry

Macros is short for the word Macronutrients, which is the main nutrients that make the foods that we eat. There are three types of macronutrients: Carbohydrates, Protein, and Fats. Macronutrients are molecules that the help the body uses to create energy, so they are three sources of energy. Basically, they are the part of fuel that helps keep the body going. Macronutrients are found on the supplement fact panel on most products and are an essential part of any diet.

IIntermittent Fasting; Supplements; Trends

Intermittent Fasting and How It Affects The Supplement Industry

Intermittent fasting has become increasingly popular in just the last year . The topic has been surfacing in articles, on social media, and many fitness influencers are joining in on the craze. But is this a topic that is here to stay or is it just another trend? Just like any other trend, it is important to do your research and see how this trend effects you.

Keto Diet; Keto Products; Keto Trends

The Rise of Keto Diet Products on The Market

Over the last few years, you have most likely heard of the new diet trend, "The Keto Diet". Especially if you are on social media, you have definitely been exposed to the idea of a keto diet. This is due to the fact that many fitness influencers are now promoting their lifestyle and health transition since beginning the keto diet. The keto diet trends has caused a rise in demand for Keto-Friendly supplements. With new trends always arising, the supplement industry is always evolving. Whether a consumer or manufacturer, it is important to be up-to-date and research these trends.

Meagen Harriman Announcement- AboutTime

SDC Nutrition Inc, the manufacturer and distributer of AboutTime Supplements, is proud to announce their latest brand ambassador partnership with personal trainer, nutritionist, and life coach, Meagen Harriman. The AboutTime product line features high quality nutritional supplements with no artificial sweeteners or artificial flavors. It is simply the cleanest, best-tasting protein family of nutritional products on the market today. The newest ambassador, Meagen, makes the perfect addition to the AboutTime Supplements family due to her fitness and health background, her passion for helping others, and her uplifting personality.

SDC Nutrition Inc, is here to answer any questions or concerns you may have on our brands or specific testing measures. Please contact us at or call us at 412.275.3351 ext 208 We’re proud to provide many of the top-quality protein supplements on the market and strive to provide safe and quality products to all of our customers.

The Facts on Proposition 65 and Heavy Metals in Supplements

SDC Nutrition Inc, is here to answer any questions or concerns you may have on our brands or specific testing measures. If you have any questions regarding Proposition 65 (Prop 65) Please contact us at or call us at 412.275.3351 ext 208. We’re proud to provide many of the top-quality protein supplements on the market and strive to provide safe and quality products to all of our customers.

Hydrolyzed Protein Formulas We Make Supplements Whey Protein Concentrate

Hydrolyzed Protein Formulas Versus Whey Protein Concentrate

If you are looking to start your own supplement line or are currently in the process, you are probably considering adding a whey protein to the supplement line. Where does one begin when selecting a protein to sell? First, you have to decide on what type of protein you wish to produce.There are multiple types of protein from plant-based to whey protein. When looking at whey proteins there is the question of what type of protein. In this article, we identified two types of whey protein, the advantages, and the disadvantages for both. This should help you decide which whey protein is best for your supplement line.

Capsules Tablets Manufacture

Are Capsules Better Than Tablets to Manufacture?

To say that capsules are better than tablets, or vice versa is really ultimately up to the consumer and which they  prefer. It is also up to you a manufacturer to decide which is best for the type of formulation you would like to put into a pill form and how much you are willing to spend on this formulation to attract your potential target market. Both capsules and tablets have significant advantages and disadvantages from a manufacturing point of view, it just all comes down to your budget and what you are willing to pay to manufacture.

FDA Inspected,

What does FDA Inspected & cGMP Certified Actually Mean?

The United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA) regulates the quality of pharmaceuticals very very carefully. One of the standards for ensuring pharmaceutical quality is the Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) regulation. The cGMP ensures that each batch of products will meet quality standards so that consumers know they are both safe and effective. If the manufacturer does not meet these qualification, there is regulatory actions taken against the manufacturer.

California Prop 65 Decoded

California's Proposition 65 is also known as the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act and was enacted in 1986.  It requires businesses to provide warning labels on products about exposure to chemicals that could cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. By putting warning labels on these products, it was intended to help  Californians make informed purchasing decisions to help protect themselves from these harmful chemicals that may be found in traces of ingredients in products.


Rise of Probiotics in Nutraceuticals

It seems like everyone lately is talking about probiotics, and that companies globally are trying to introduce them into any product they can.  Probiotics, also known as the body’s “good bacteria”, are living microorganisms that have multiple health benefits specifically with gut and digestive health.  Probiotics are bacteria that line the body’s digestive tract and support your body’s ability to absorb nutrients and fight infections. Probiotics help the body function properly. They have been proven effective in supporting immune function and health as well as playing a role in healthy digestion. Other benefits of probiotics include: improving the immune system, improving digestion, increased energy from the production of vitamin B12, healthier skin, and even healing leaky gut syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease.

Sports Nutrition Expo, Exhibitor, Sports Nutrition Manufacturer, Sports Nutrition, Marketing

Big National Sports Nutrition Expos

Attending a National Sports Nutrition Expo as a manufacturer can help bring brand exposure to your products and services. Especially if your product or service caters to the health or fitness industry, setting up at a sports nutrition expo can help promote your brand to the appropriate demographics

Vegan Certified Time Release Capsules Supplements

The Importance of CFR 101

Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Title 21 Part 101 is the part of the Food and Drug Administration’s Department of Health and Human Services. This subchapter is a part of “Food for Human Consumption” and focuses specifically on Food Labeling Regulations.Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is responsible for assuring that foods sold in the United States are safe, wholesome and properly labeled. This applies to foods produced domestically, as well as foods from foreign countries. The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act) and the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act are the Federal laws governing food products under FDA jurisdiction.  21 CFR 101 is responsible for all aspects of food labeling.

SDC Nutrition, Protein Manufacturer, Sports Nutrition Manufacturer, Sports Nutrition, Manufacturer, Supplements

SDC Nutrition Announces New Website Launch

SDC Nutrition Inc, an FDA inspected sports nutrition manufacturing and packaging facility, announces the launch of their new redesigned website. The newly designed website features a clean and more attractive design, improved functionality, and enhanced rich content focused on the company’s mission...

Gaiam announces Seed 2 Formula & Gaiam Protein

GAIAM Seed 2 Formula & GAIAM Protein Announcement

Announcing an exciting new multi-year collaboration between GAIAM and leading nutraceutical manufacturer SDC Nutrition with Seed 2 Formula & Organic Protein.

Sean Marszalek wins Entrepreneur Of The Year®

Though a golf scholarship allowed Sean Marszalek to get a full ride to college, his arrest and conviction pulled him out of school into a five-year stint in federal prison. While difficult, it provided the wake-up call he needed.Marszalek dedicated time to researching kinesiology, fitness and nutritional science. His tarnished record made it difficult to find employment, so he began his own fitness practice.

Co-Founder of SDC Named Vice President of Marketing

SDC Nutrition, Inc., the number one dry protein manufacture in western Pennsylvania, is honored to announce Devenee Schumacher as the new Vice President of Marketing. Devenee is the co-founder of SDC Nutrition and recently served as the director of natural brand management. Devenee commented, “It’s exciting to get promoted in any job that provides growth and understanding of the company brands. It allows one to gain knowledge of competitors on the market, and accept all of the challenges it takes to not only build a business, but see your goals come to life...” Devenee’s culinary background has allowed her to experience all aspects of the food and restaurant industry, which led to the start of her own brand and business with her partner and current CEO Sean Marszalek.

What type of protein do you need?

At SDC Nutrition we pride ourselves on our quality and service.  Focusing on those key criteria and our constant commitment to great customer care has spawned our flavoring, R&D, and product development expertise which we feature to help walk you through the process of launching and marketing your protein products as seamlessly as possible.  We feature a variety of protein products ranging from classic whey protein isolates to time release blends featuring whey protein concentrate and micellar casein to vegan and plant based proteins like brown rice, pea, hemp and more.  As always we offer our services to help create, update, and improve formulas and see that formulation materialize into a great tasting quality product to sell to your customers.

Supplement Product Testing

Once products are packaged and labeled, our quality team performs additional testing before releasing product for commerce. Only the quality team has the ability to release product as part of our Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's). The quality has expressed written authority to reject or hold any product that does not meet testing or other requirements.

Findlay’s SDC Nutrition finds strength in global supplement market

When gym owner and personal trainer Sean Marszalek couldn't find a healthier protein bar, he decided to team up with a client and devised one.The bars they made in 2008 led to the formation of SDC Nutrition, a Findlay-based nutritional products and supplement company that is enjoying growing success riding the wave of demand for all-natural nutritional supplements among health-conscious Americans.“We saw an opening in the market for cleaner, all-natural products,” said Marszalek, whose business partner Devenee Schumacher happened to have a degree in culinary arts. “We could see that the market was going to trend to those products.”

Bringing Quality Back to the Supplement Industry

"Our quality control standards and team are superior in this industry. We strive to put the cleanest and highest quality products on the market."

In The Lead: Findlay firm SDC Nutrition goes global with nutrition supplements

Devenee Schumacher and her personal trainer Sean Marszalek just wanted a healthy snack.So Mrs. Schumacher, a culinary arts graduate, started experimenting in her South Park kitchen in August 2008 and ended up putting together a protein oatmeal bar that seemed to hit a sweet spot of good ingredients matched with good taste.After a few more baking sessions, she started offering them to Mr. Marszalek’s other clients at his Strip District gym for $3 apiece. Within a couple of weeks, Mrs. Schumacher was making those bars by the dozens.

Here’s five tips from some of Pittsburgh’s fastest-growing companies

On Thursday, representatives from some of Pittsburgh's fastest-growing companies shared what has made them successful, as well as the challenges they've faced along the way.Panelists included Brendan Kelley, director of professional services for Bridges Home Health & Hospice; Dan Kohler, chief operating officer at SDC Nutrition Inc.; Robert Necciai, president, CSD Engineers; and Scott Baker, president of 5 Generation Bakers. All four companies were winners at the 2014 Pittsburgh 100 awards, which honors the fastest-growing private companies in the region.

Yes, Team Members Are the Best Advocates

Absolutely. For our company, social media is an essential part of our marketing campaign, which has a direct impact on our overall sales. I am confident that our team members believe in our product and the impact we are making on health and fitness in lives around the world. Therefore I encourage them to utilize social media to highlight our brands and products. – Sean Marszalek, SDC Nutrition, Inc.