Senior Manager of Quality

Keith went to Glenville State College for D2 Football, and graduated with a Degree in Chemistry in 1996. Upon graduating he started career in a medical laboratory, which eventually transitioned into research for pharmaceutical production by fermentation. Keith soon found himself at Mylan as a chemist and over his next 15 years he had an opportunity to work in multiple departments in which he found his passion for quality. Due to his excellence in execution he found himself as part of several special teams where he met our VP of Quality – Jennifer McCrerey

As a recruit in 2019 having previously worked with our VP of Quality, Keith found himself in a unique opportunity to become a member of senior management within our Quality Department where he will be in charge of every aspect of Quality Control and Quality Assurance within the four walls of our facility in Pittsburgh, PA.

Keith’s main priority for the upcoming year is to efficiently become a part of the integral team that manages the Quality on-site, and to bring his 15+ years from pharmaceuticals and a fresh perspective to the processes and procedures here at SDC Nutrition.