Production Planning Manager

Paul is best described as a Finance and Operations expert, which in lamen’s terms loosely translates to “Excel Ninja.” Nilson received his Bachelor of Science in Accounting at the University of Pittsburgh in 2013 and then spent the next six years of his life in various roles within Corporate Finance. 
In June 2015, SDC Nutrition found Paul’s resume on Indeed and immediately integrated him into the Finance/Accounting team here in Pittsburgh. During his time with the Finance department Paul was involved in the acquisition of a capsule manufacturing facility in Pittsburgh which nearly doubled the overall production capacity of the company. A few short years later in 2018 he and his team found an opportunity to increase productivity and employee performance, which led to the transitioning of his role from Accounting Manager to Manager of Production Planning. 
Amongst the daily operational tasks, Nilson is responsible for planning every aspect of the facility’s many blending, encapsulation, and packaging lines. This year, with SDC Nutrition’s forward momentum in their national campaign to create transparency in manufacturing, Paul is looking to continuing excellence in executing a minimum of 95% on-time delivery of contract manufacturing orders.