Vice President of Contract Manufacturing

Dan received his Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology from Kent State University in 2008. He went right into the supplement industry into roles for brand sales, contract manufacturing formulation, and operations. Over the past decade Dan has helped launch over 100 different brands from all over the world, has formulated thousands of different and unique skus, and has manufactured products that have been sold to X consumers all over the world… no one really knows the exact value of X, but let’s just agree that it’s a really ridiculously high number. 
Within the industry he is known as a custom flavoring expert for powders and his uncanny ability to know if a formula will be efficient for encapsulation. Wiltrout currently serves as the Vice President of Contract Manufacturing at SDC Nutrition in Pittsburgh, PA – where he is in charge of product formulation, sales, and business development. 
Working closely with the supply chain team, customer service team, and production managers, Dan currently services every single client of SDC Nutrition with integrity and efficiency as the facility produces millions of dollars of product every month. This year he has set his sights on working with the team to increase production capacity and continue to grow the company’s core set of capabilities.