The first step in getting started is simply to contact us. After careful consideration of each and every aspect of your new or existing formulation, SDC Nutrition will provide all pertinent information including pricing, packaging options, lead time and, in many cases, samples of an intended product for your approval.

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SDC NUTRITION’s ongoing commitment to superior quality in Sports Nutrition is backed up by rigorous analysis of our products in our own in-house testing laboratories.

SDC nutrition was founded by having our protein powders manufactured by others, however after multiple contract manufacturing issues regarding delivery times, identity of products and others, SDC made the decision to manufacture all powder products, such as whey proteins, pre workouts and plant based proteins; in house to ensure quality. We offer these same services and turn key manufacturing practices that we take pride in for our own products for you as well. We know how important it is to deal with business partners and manufacturers you can trust who do what they say they will do and that’s the core of what we deliver.

Our approach.

Our mantra of “Embrace the Lifestyle” is a core competency that drives our ongoing commitment to superior quality in Sports Nutrition. SDC Nutrition products are backed up by rigorous analysis in our own in-house testing laboratories and nothing leaves our facility without our stamp of approval.

Our Mission.

Manufacture innovative formulations and exceed our customer’s expectations on quality & service every day.

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Step 1: Choose your products

With many forms of delivery systems from protein or pre workout powders to capsules… you may or may not know the specifics of what makes a top selling, top performing formula – but why bother? SDC Nutrition can assist you with your custom formulations to be sure your project is the best quality and value available.

The only thing you need to do is choose which ingredients you’d like to label with your brand. And – our formulation experts will design a perfect dietary supplement product directly to your specifications.

Step 2: Establish your brand

Whether you are a long standing supplement supplier with a well established brand or a start-up company – SDC Nutrition is designed to offer you the ultimate flexibility and artistic quality. With our dedicated, state-of-the-art graphics department – SDC Nutrition can take your design from concept to completion.

If you are looking to mass produce your labels, SDC Nutrition has established long term vendor relationships with leading print houses that can produce anywhere from one hundred thousand to well over a million labels in just a few days.

Step 3: Fulfillment

You can rest easy knowing that SDC Nutrition can fulfill your dietary supplement orders both accurately and efficiently. Utilizing multiple quality checkpoints and a trained staff of over 90 – our facility is always running top notch. Our extensive resources and time tested logistical methodologies allow us to offer complete product fulfillment. From packaging, bottling, labeling, sealing, to shipping – SDC Nutrition is your one-stop-shop for supplement fulfillment.

The Top 3 Reasons to Custom Formulate Your Line of Nutritional Supplements

#1 Build your name, build your brand
Often times introducing a new product puts a large demand on the entrepreneur to not only successfully produce a winning product but also market the product successfully. When custom formulating with SDC Nutrition, we minimize your risk by allowing you to choose from hundreds of proven ingredients SDC Nutrition also helps you establish your brand. Our art department will work hand-in-hand with you to create an eye-catching label for each dietary supplement product you choose to market.

#2 Take control
Instead of selling someone else’ product – sell yours! With SDC Nutrition building you custom formulations, we can manufacture so you can distribute your branded supplement products.

#3 Make money
Selling proven products that you do not have to manufacture yourself allows you to start selling healthy ingredient nutritional products with nearly zero start-up cost. You also have access to distributor level pricing, giving you the opportunity to mark-up your products to 200% or even 300% your cost. Combine the cost savings with the cost benefit of a low-risk start-up and you have a winning combination for success!

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SDC Nutrition is the One-Stop-Shop, Custom Formulation Expert. Unlike most, SDC Nutrition offers you hundreds of stock ingredients – all of which you can custom formulate.