Custom Formulations

Lets create a unique product that your customers will love!

Developing your custom formulation to your exact specifications! A custom formulation is defined as a product made exclusively for your company to your exact specifications. Such formulas might range in complexity from a single ingredient to several different components. This process might involve the modification of an existing product or the development of a completely new formulation “from scratch”. SDC Nutrition currently provides several hundred custom formulations for our established customers and can assist you in every phase of product development including packaging.

Custom Formulations Usually Require Minimum Orders… One of the most common obstacles encountered when pursuing custom formulating is the minimum order required. Such minimums can often exceed 250,000 capsules or several thousand pounds of powder for each and every order!

Don’t get worried just yet! SDC Nutrition only requires the bare minimum of any custom formulation be produced while maintaining extremely competitive pricing. Depending upon the type of product, from whey protein, preworkout powders , gelatin/vegan capsules, tablets, and even plant based proteins, our minimums are manageable.

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We create formulas for top brands across the world!

We’re here to help your brand create innovation without sacrificing on quality or taste! Your customers deserve the best experience and we’ve been creating industry leading formulas for over 10 years. After careful consideration of each and every aspect of your new or existing formulation, SDC Nutrition will provide all pertinent information including pricing, packaging, lead time and, in many cases, samples of an intended product for your approval.

We manufacture products sold at:

SDC Nutrition is very pleased to offer a variety of packaging options for your marketing needs including conventional bottles, gusseted bags, single serving packets for capsules, powders and bulk sports nutrition products.

Stock Bottles
Bottles (round packers) are available in a number of sizes and colors in both HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) and PET (Polyethylene terephthalate).

HDPE is our basic bottle offered in a white matte finish and is available in the widest size range from 100CC to 3000CC. Most of our stock products and custom formulations are quoted in white HDPE unless otherwise specified.

PET plastic has the look of glass and can make a significant difference in the visual impact of your product line. More expensive than HDPE, PET can add an average of .10 to .25 per bottle, but can make a significant difference in the visual impact of your sports nutrition product line. Our stock inventory of PET is more limited, but we do offer the most commonly used sizes in several colors.

Powder Sachet & Stick Packaging for single-serve, convenient, on-the-go products.
Single-serving sachets and stick packaging options are available for today’s on-the-go consumers or simply brands in need of samples to help support their marketing campaigns.  These packets are made of a foil / plastic material with optional tear notches offering a much more effective moisture barrier than conventional packaging. The individual packets may be private labeled with adhesive labels in small quantities or in pre-printed form for larger custom manufacture orders.

Single-Serving Packets for Capsules
SDC Nutrition is now beginning to offer single-serving daily packets of capsules, providing a wide range of packets that cover multi-vitamins / minerals, sports nutrition, joint health, cholesterol and much more, all of which may be private labeled individually. 3” x 3” packets  and 4 x 6 packets are available. Custom printed packets are available in larger quantities.

Single-serving packets provide a level of convenience, effectiveness and economy not available when a person is forced to buy numerous bottles of different healthy products. The packets offer convenient dosing and present the perfect means of taking your dietary supplements with you on trips to stay on track for a healthy lifestyle.

Create your own unique custom combination of capsules / powders with our assistance using our stock inventory of more than 200 different formulations.

Bulk Capsules, Tablets & Powder
Most of our dietary supplement formulas may be purchased in bulk form which may offer substantial savings when compared to purchasing our standard sizes. Capsules and tablets may be ordered in increments of 1,000 each or more, with optimum savings at approximately 100,000 each. Supplement powders may be purchased in 25 lb. or 50 lb. options depending on the formula. Please ask us for more information on this packaging option.