Vice President of Marketing and Sales

Co-founder of SDC Nutrition, Devenee has held various leadership positions in the business sector. She graduated from The PA Culinary Institute in 2001. Her experience in the kitchen allows her to create products that are built to meet the various needs of SDC’s customers. She is a brand creator, product formulator, culinary chef, and female entrepreneur. 
Currently Schumacher sits as the VP of Marketing & Sales at SDC Nutrition and she is in charge of brand product formulation, digital and social marketing, customer experience, wholesale, and brand development. Having spent over a decade in the sports & dietary nutrition as one of the pioneers in Female led entrepreneurship in a male-dominated industry she has a unique perspective and has been able to consistently grow an audience for both the company and the dozen or so brands that she manages. 
This year, Devenee is launching a podcast to create civic awareness of successful Women Entrepreneurs, trends in nutrition, and most importantly to share her story. In addition to exponentially growing brand sales she has her sights set on developing over a dozen new products in her recently rebranded product line ABOUT TIME, which include a new Keto Shake and her favorite new product Coffee+Protein.