Empower and Build Like a Woman

Gender equality and female empowerment are not only beneficial to adult women but are essential to sustainable development in our children. Opportunities to teach and invest in women not only helps build their confidence but embraces our culture to respect everyone’s talents and opinions.

Our Co-Founder, Devenee Schumacher, says “Women are natural born multitaskers who typically boost company morale, increase productivity and serve as role models for so many young women.” These “strong” women are everywhere with open arms to build and support women alike around the world. Take for example – a teacher, they’re friendly and kind but don’t allow the kids to run . Maybe you know of a strong  business woman, she runs a company, embraces all the financial aspects along with productivity. She most likely will have a firm handshake, look you in the eyes when speaking to you and give you a blunt or forward answer when asked a question. Or how about the woman who commands a room and grabs your attention, you can’t stop listening to her speak about developing strategies on making flexible lifestyles work and creating the lives they desire.

What do these women in business have that make them so inspiring? Makes us attracted to their leadership and want to mirror their every move? They ignite a fire within us, they challenge us to be more, do more and to achieve more.

I have found that most of these women are simply inquisitive. They have questions, desires and a need to understand the unknown. Filled with passion, these women all share similar traits that help them become successful leaders while pursuing their dreams.

THEY LOVE – what they do. They are passionate about their craft, uplifting people around them and simply “doing life” to beat of their own drum. This is their natural “energy” that helps them propel and flourish.

THEY DO GOOD – everything these women do has a purpose. They give to others, share their appetite to lead a fulfilling life and career. They give back to communities, the less fortunate and inspire others to join the cause with meaning and purposefulness.

THEY TAKE RISKS – and have no regrets. Pushing boundaries, asking questions and develop an excitement within them. Shaping their own destiny, no longer being afraid of failure and not permitting insecurities to disrupt their opportunity.

THEY ENJOY LIFE – follow their intuitions, and flow at their own pace. Taking the time each day to recharge allows these women to be more mindful, inventive and stimulated so they continue to thrive.

THEY TRAVEL – different cultures, lifestyles and religions open or eyes to new experiences and self-discovery. Meeting incredible people and building a world-wide network, traveling can be the most lucrative trait both physically and financially. This is an endless journey of maturity and wisdom.

THEY LISTEN – and get to know their peers and colleagues, their strengths, differences and needs. They segment the workload, delegate and assign roles and responsibility. Involving their team, creating ownership and building communication amongst everyone. But most importantly, they listen to themselves. They trust their instinct.

THEY SAY NO – put their work and priorities first before taking on the work of others and defining the non-negotiable in their personal life. Knowing that work and personal commitments can’t outdo each other is essential for self-accomplishment and happiness. It’s your lifestyle and your profession, they need to be collective to preserve balance.