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If you are looking to start your own supplement line or are currently in the process, you are probably considering adding a whey protein to the supplement line. Where does one begin when selecting a protein to sell? First, you have to decide on what type of protein you wish to produce.

There are multiple types of protein from plant-based to whey protein. When looking at whey proteins there is the question of what type of protein. In this article, we identified two types of whey protein, the advantages, and the disadvantages for both. This should help you decide which whey protein is best for your supplement line.


Whey Protein Concentrate 

Hydrolyzed Protein Formulas, We Make Supplements, Whey Protein Concentrate

Whey concentrate protein is quite possibly the most popular sports supplement on the market because it is the cheapest form for both manufacturers and consumers. It is very economical per gram of protein, aids in muscle recovery and generally has a better taste than most proteins. But what is whey protein concentrate and why should you consider manufacturing this product for your brand?


Whey concentrate protein is simply the bi-product you get when manufacturing cheese. It follows the remove of the coagulation and the curd in cheese making and is the left-over form of translucent milk protein. It is the least processed form of whey protein. It goes under minimal processing to remove some water, lactose, and minerals; however, it is still the most untreated form of whey. This makes  concentrate the form of whey protein that is the closet to whole food protein


Whey concentrate protein has a lower level of fat and cholesterol content but is higher in carbohydrates. It is also rich in both BCAA’s and Glutamine, making it the ideal protein to help aid in workout recovery. Typically, whey concentrate protein contains around 25-80% protein, 10-15% lactose, and 2-10% milk fat. Because this ratio has a higher content of lactose and milk fat, this is the form of whey protein that has the most potential to cause digestive issues.


There are several advantages of whey concentrate. One of these advantages is better affordability, since this is the cheapest form of whey protein. This is also the cheapest form of protein for the manufacturer, so this is important to consider when deciding which protein powder would work best for your brand. Another advantage is that this form tends to have a better tasting formula. This is crucial when selecting products for your brand, because you want a product that the consumer is going to want to purchase and enjoy consuming.

As with every product, there are some disadvantages of whey concentrate. One of the major disadvantages is that this form can be harder to digest. This is a factor to consider, because not all your consumers are going to be able to consume this product, especially those that are lactose intolerant.


Hydrolyzed Protein Formulas

Hydrolyzed Protein Formulas, We Make Supplements, Whey Protein Concentrate

Whey hydrolyzed protein is the purest and highest quality form of whey protein. It is the most bio-available and the most easily digested and absorbed form of whey protein on the market. It is also the form that causes fewer allergen issues with consumers. But what exactly is hydrolyzed whey protein and why should you consider manufacturing this product for your brand?


Just like other forms of protein, hydrolyzed goes through a process from being the bi-product of cheese manufacturing to a powder. However, whereas whey concentrate was the form that was least processed, hydrolyzed whey protein is the form that is the most processed, thus making it the purest form of whey protein on the market. Hydrolyzed protein goes through a process of hydrolysis. “Hydro” meaning water and “-lysis” meaning remove or bind. This form of protein has been broken down by exposing it to heat, acid, or enzymes that break apart the bonds linking the amino acids, making it the purest form of whey protein.


Whey hydrolyzed protein contains no lactose, no carbs, and no fats. It is the form of whey protein that has the highest protein content with 90-94% of protein, compared to concentrate that can only have approximately 20% protein content with some blends. It is digested more easily and faster than any other type of protein, thus helping to store less fat when compared with other forms of whey protein. Because it contains no lactose or fats, it is also the ideal product for those with allergy issues, as it is ideal for those who are lactose intolerant, and is the best formula for silent reflux and gas.


There are many advantages to hydrolyzed whey protein. Hydrolyzed whey protein is the fast-acting, fasted to absorb, and most easily digested form of whey protein. This is perfect for consumers that are looking to maximize muscle gains while reducing fatty tissue. It helps to retain more muscle without gaining weight. It is also ideal for those with allergen issues, as it does not contain many of the elements that can irritate consumers. It is important to consider adding a high-quality protein powder for top level consumers, and hydrolyzed whey provides this high-quality component to your product line.


Again, as with every product, there are some disadvantages to consider with hydrolyzed whey protein. Although it is sold at a high margin, the cost to manufacture and sell a hydrolyzed protein is also on the steep side. It can be costly to produce this type of protein and often, brands opt out of selling this type of protein since it does only reach a small demographic in the market. This form of whey protein also tends to taste bitter and not as good as other forms. This is important to consider, because this also falls under the demographic of this product. Only a consumer that is insanely serious about their muscle gains will be okay with a product not tasting that great.


Which Is Better for Your Brand?

Ultimately as with any product that you select for your brand, it comes down to operational cost and the gross product margins. Hydrolyzed whey protein could cost more to make, but you would also see a higher margin on this product. Whereas whey concentrate is the more popular and cheaper option among consumers.

Research the demographic you are looking to target to decide which consumers in your target market would respond to better. Also, it is important to analyze your budget and decide whether it would be more efficient to go with hydrolyze, concentrate, or possibly even a different  form of whey protein powder.


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