It seems like everyone lately is talking about probiotics, and that companies globally are trying to introduce them into any product they can.  Probiotics, also known as the body’s “good bacteria”, are living microorganisms that have multiple health benefits specifically with gut and digestive health.  Probiotics are bacteria that line the body’s digestive tract and support your body’s ability to absorb nutrients and fight infections. Probiotics help the body function properly. They have been proven effective in supporting immune function and health as well as playing a role in healthy digestion. Other benefits of probiotics include: improving the immune system, improving digestion, increased energy from the production of vitamin B12, healthier skin, and even healing leaky gut syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease.

The topic of probiotics has been trending globally in the past two years specifically marketed in dairy products such as yogurt. Dairy probiotic products account for roughly 69 perfect of the probiotic market, followed by 12 percent in baby food, 8 percent in overall health care, and a small two percent in desserts, ice cream, and snacks. (Mintel Global New Products Database)

Probiotics represent the largest condition-specific supplement category and the second fastest growing condition-specific supplement category. Consumer interest in probiotics and their benefits to digestive and immune health is growing for all age groups. With more scientific research surfacing about the amazing health benefits, the consumer is shifting towards probiotics products more than ever before.  According to Euromonitor International, noting U.S. probiotic sales accounted for $4.3 billion in 2016 (up 9% from 2015), and predicted 38% growth looking toward 2021. In fact, Euromonitor stated probiotics would outpace all other supplements in the U.S. through 2021, including supplements featuring ginseng, glucosamine, protein, fish oils/omega fatty acids, calcium, and other/combination dietary supplements. Worldwide, sales of probiotics accounted for $39.9 billion in 2016, up from $30.4 billion in 2010. This is predicted to exceed $64 billion by 2023, according to Global Market Insights Inc.

In a recent report by Google Trends, the word “probiotics” in search keywords has clearly matched the market growth.  The keyword “probiotics” was searched a low number of 25 times in 2004 and significantly grown to around 100 searches in recent years, as the chart below depicts.




Google Trends Report (Region: USA) for “probiotic” from January 2004 to December 2017.


Why has there been an increased demand for probiotics? Aside from the scientific research regarding the health benefits of probiotics, there are several market segments in which probiotics can play a role. Market segments such as sports nutrition, women’s health, immune health, skin health, oral health, and weight loss and control. With obesity rates on the rise and other growing health concerns, the digestive tract is suffering greatly from the amount of sugars, unhealthy fats, and other unhealthy items consumed. Because of these growing health concerns, consumers are turning to probiotics because of the noted success they have in treating digestive issues, and more consumers are eager to include them into their diet. players operating in these market segments are developing probiotic products that help to treat digestive issues, because of this new high consumer demand.

Manufactures are starting to make the shift to probiotics in nutraceuticals because of the growing consumer interest in probiotics. The trend of probiotics does not look like it will hit a downward slope anytime soon, leaving endless possibilities in this market. In order to ensure quality in an evolving landscape, the U.S FDA’s current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) requirements established an industry-wide set of standards for the consistent production of dietary supplements in terms of high quality, distinctiveness, and exclusivity.


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